Our Expertise

Our Expertise


We guide you to handle panic and crisis situations.

Medical staff

We provide you with the required risk coverage.

Nursing homes

We fight for your rights and safeguard your integrity.


We stand by you and help you get justice in time


Defend all types of medical negligence cases

IVF Centres

We provide you with professional protection from absurdity.

Para-medical staff

We provide you with the required risk coverage.


Shield your reputation from false accusations.

Labs (Path or Imaging )

Deliver timely guidance and assistance.

Pharmaceutical companies

We mitigate and handle professional risks.



Being a member of Medins Legal one can be secured because the membership which we give is till the duration selected by the officials concerned. It is better to renew to keep away from any legal liability arising out of errors and omissions committed by the Medical Practitioner while providing their professional service to the patients. As the membership not only covers negligence committed by Registered Medical Practitioner but also qualified staff/nurse and other medical professionals, who are working under their instructions. The day you opt for the for the insurance for the respective period, our team will start working on the coverage and if any cause of action arises out before opting the insurance coverage, then the same will be handled by our Legal Expert team.